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Cutting unit

The unit is made of 35 mm steel side plates. The anvil cylinder is hardened and covered with hard chromium and embedded in excentric bearing housings.

When the main machinery is on standby the anvil cylinder will disengage in order to avoid damaging the cuts. The magnetic cylinder is built in with strong double timken bearings adjusted to negative slackness.

The unit is mounted with a chip extraction system for waste to be connected to the central exhaustion system or to a bag system, which can be delivered as an option. The unit can be delivered with either a mechanical drive to be connected to the main machine or a separate electric drive.


  • The magnetic/tool cylinder is easily removable for the installation of other cylinder types, such as magnetic cylinders for flexible die plates, engraved cylinders, blade cylinders or other cylinders of the same or different circumference.
  • The unit is equipped with a super hard anvil cylinder in very steady bearings.
  • To change between kiss cutting and through cutting and to compensate for the wear of the cutting edge, the counter pressure from the anvil cylinder is adjustable.
  • The engage- and the disengagement of the cutting operation are pneumatically operated.

Running Adjustments

  • Circumferential register 360°.
  • Lateral register +/- 10 mm.
  • Vernier adjustment of the distance between the magnetic cylinder and the anvil cylinder (window die-cutting and integrated labels).

Technical Description

  • Web width 520 mm (standard).
  • Max. reel diameter of 27” (685 mm).
  • Web tension continuously adjustable from 1 to 10 kg.
  • Max. web speed 200 m/min.
ESS cutting unit
Cylinder change cutting unit

Kiss cutting and rewinding of the waste matrix.

Kiss paper cutting unit

Cylinder change.

Cutting unit CAD drawing – front view

CAD drawing – front view.

Cutting unit CAD drawing – side view

CAD drawing – side view.