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Master unit: Glue and flexo unit

Master unit: Flexo unit and glue unit with two interchangeable inserts

The master unit is a compact universal production unit for applying adhesive, varnish, scratch off, flexo print and similar. The unit combines the flexo and glue unit.

The unit operates with two interchangeable inserts: A flexo insert and a glue insert

Flexo unit with flexo insert

The flexo insert is with a ceramic anilox cylinder and a closed doctor blade system. The pressure from the doctor blades onto the ceramic anilox cylinder can be vernier adjusted. When changing the doctor blades the chamber is turned

90 degrees by a hand wheel.

Application possibilities with the master unit: UV-varnish, scratch off, flexo print, and coating.

Application amount: 0,5 to 10 g/m2.
Adjusting is only possible by changing the ceramic anilox cylinder.


The glue insert contains two ceramic cylinders which run against each other. For adjusting the amount of glue, the distance between the two cylinders can be vernier adjusted.

Application possibilities: Glue for window, pressure sensitive glue, remoistable glue, thermal sensitive glue.

Application amount: 5 to 25 g/m2. Adjusting on hand wheel.

Running Adjustments (Master unit)

  • Circumferential register 360°
  • Lateral register +/-10 mm
  • Distance between plate cylinder and impression cylinder
  • Distance between plate cylinder and glue/flexo cylinder.
  • Manually or automatically controlled plate cylinder.

Technical Description

  • Compact construction. The gear wheels run in oil bath lubrication.
    Web width 520 mm (standard).
  • Sleeve/plate cylinder size from 17” to 28” in 1/4” or 1/3” increments.
  • Separate motor for rotating the glue/flexo cylinder during standby.
  • Max. speed 300 m/min.
  • Driven by servomotor or timing belt.

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Flexo unit - master unit
Master unit glue application

Application of glue, scratch off or varnish, combined with hot air dryer in a web press.

Master unit for application of flexo print

Application of flexo print or varnish, combined with UV dryer in a web press.

Master flexo unit illustration

Technical drawing of the ESS Master Unit, with 2 types of inserts, Flexo insert and Glue insert.