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Patch applicator

Applying cut-off patches

The unit consists of four main elements:

Infeed, rubber counter pressure cylinder, knife cylinder and anvil/vacuum cylinder.

In principle, the knife and vacuum cylinder system is similar to that of the cutting unit and is always running at the same speed as the main web. The speed of the infeed is determined by the cut length of the patch material – silicone paper, window glacine or similar. The infeed is driven from a continuous variable electronical gear and, therefore, it is possible to obtain precisely the required length of the patch. The required patch length is keyed in on a finger touch screen.

If the supplementary web is pre-printed, it is possible to combine the electronical gear with a register control so that the applicator cuts in register to the pre-printed web. The patch applicator is available with two different infeed systems for the supplementary web, either an infeed cylinder for traditional applications or a vacuum band infeed system when applying hot melt glue on the supplementary web.


  • The unit consists of infeed for the supplementary web/webs, knife cylinder for the cut-off and a hard anvil cylinder with vacuum to bring the patches into a fixed position on the carrier web.
  • For a double or more wide production the unit can operate with two or several narrow supplementary webs.
  • For a pre-printed supplementary web the unit can be equipped with a circumferential register control.
  • You are free to choose the print repeat/cut length and combine it with a different repeat on the carrier web.
  • Applying labels or similar from a laminate, the silicone liner is rewound just in front of the cut-off.

Running Adjustments

Circumferential register 360°, vernier adjustment of the distan- ce between the knife cylinder and the anvil/vacuum cylinder, 0,5 mm pneumatic engage– and disengagement of the anvil cylinder.

Technical Description

  • Web width 520 mm (standard).
  • Knife cylinder size from 16 2/3” to 28” in 1/4” or 1/3” increments.
  • Max. speed 250 m/min.
  • Application web (patch material) working width max. 500 mm.
  • Patch length continuously variable from 1” up to 12”.
Patch Applicator
Patch Applicatorwith vacuum band

Patch applicator with vacuum band infeed system together with intermit- tent hot melt glue system.

Patch Applicator for glacine windows

Installation for application of glacine windows two wide in a web press.

Patch Applicator drawing

Patch Applicator with vacuum band infeed, for use with hot melt glue.

Patch Applicator illustration

Patch Applicator with infeed cylinder.