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Re- and unwinder

A compact universal unit for rewinding und unwinding of reels up to 27” diameter.

It is equipped with an air expanding shaft for a 70 mm or a 3” core.

The winding/unwinding shaft is driven/braked by a special motor. The speed of rotation and the torque is continuously adjustable.

A dancer is measuring the reel diameter for the electronical calculation of the required torque to maintain the chosen web tension regardless of the reel size.


  • Rewind of waste die cut ”skeletons” (label production).
  • Rewind of silicone release liner.
  • Unwind of additional web.
  • Compact design.
  • Self driven.
  • Easy installation.

Technical Description

  • Web width 520 mm (standard).
  • Max. reel diameter of 27” (685 mm).
  • Web tension continuously adjustable from 1 to 10 kg.
  • Max. web speed 200 m/min.
re- and unwinder paper winder
Re- and unwinder ESS web line

The unit is installed in an ESS web-line for re-/unwinding in connection with a patch applicator.

rewinder and unwinder units installed in a web press

Two units installed in a web press for unwinding glacine by applying windows.

re- and unwinder webpress

The unit installed in a web press for rewinding the waste matrix by die cutting labels.

re- and unwinder illustration with measurements

CAD Drawing