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Call us at (+45) 24 21 21 15 or send us an email at


Paper rewinder

The rewinder’s versatility allows free positioning to receive webs from continuous processes. Even slack web tension, down under 1 kg, between the host machine and paper winder presents no problem.

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Thanks to a very strong construction, it is possible to move the rewinder from one host machine to another without effecting the rewinder.

The dancer system and a tacho on the host machine allow the rewinder to receive the web from the host machine with tension from down under one kg.

It means that the web will be able to contain cross perforations, window cuttings etc. without breaking.

The combination of load cells and high dynamic servo drive means that the winding tension will follow the pre-defined tension curve very accurately, which is of great importance for getting an even jumbo reel when applying voluminous applications on the web.

The tension curve is defined on a finger touch panel by giving a min./max. reel diameter and a tension for the min./max. reel diameter.

Features of the paper rewinder

  • Web tension remains constant up to 250 m/min. without being affected by the winding tension.
  • The winding characteristic can be adjusted, depending on the product.
  • Accurate winding tension is given by a high dynamic servo drive, which is controlled from reel diameter, load cells and the chosen winding characteristic.
  • A faultless and even 52” (132 cm) jumbo reel.

Technical Description

  • Web width 520 mm (standard).
  • Max. reel diameter of 52” (1320 mm).
  • Web tension continuously adjustable from 4 to 20 kg.
  • Max. web speed 250 m/min.

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Paper winder - Rewinder
Rewinder drawing with measurements
Rewinder jumbo reel

Example of a jumbo reel, soft in the side because of voluminous applications on the web.

close up of paper rewinder

Close-up of the servo driven infeed and load cell.