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Call us at (+45) 24 21 21 15 or send us an email at

Paper winder: Unwinder

Paper winder – unwinder with strong construction

The unwinder is equipped with electrical servo system to control and keep a constant unwinding tension from full to empty reel. The paper winder has a strong construction.

Thanks to a very strong construction and retractable wheels, it is possible to move the unwinder from one host machine to another with ease.

The tension is set by finger touch panel.

The web may contain cross perforations, window cuttings etc. without breaking.

When the unwinder is connected to other ESS equipment it is possible to have a automatic de-curling system.

Features of the paper winder

  • Web tension remains constant up to 300m/min, (1000 ft/min), without being effected by the change in winding speed.
  • Accurate unwinding tension is controlled by a high dynamic servo drive, which is controlled from the reel diameter.
  • The unwinding tension can be adjusted, depending on the product.
  • The paper reel is positioned by a hydraulic lifting system.
  • Air expanding shaft for 70 mm or 3” I. D. cores.

Technical Description

  • Web width 520 mm, (20 1/2”) (standard).
  • Max reel diameter of 50” (1270 mm).
  • Max web speed 300 m/min. (1000 ft/min.)

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Paper winder - ESS unwinder
Unwinder drawing
Unwinder integrated splice table

Splice table integrated in the unwinder. Web splicing operation keeps down time and paper waste to a minimum with conveniently positioned splicing table.

Unwinder 3D Drawing

3D Drawing – overview.