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Call us at (+45) 24 21 21 15 or send us an email at

Paper sheeter

Paper sheeter with variable cut length

The paper sheeter is built with variable cut length for on-line or off-line production for alternative sheeting/batching of up to 6 streams side by side. The sheeter is equipped with servo drives to change the cut length – no gear wheel change is required.

The sheeter works with a clean shear cut. The cut is made between a rotary knife and a fixed knife. For normal sheeting operations, i.e. cut length in accordance with the print repeat, the unit is equipped for one cutting position with one cylinder.

For a sheeting job that requires a chip-out to get a cut length shorter than the print repeat – e.g. 12” to A4 – the unit is equipped for two cutting positions with two cylinders. One cylinder is cutting to size by chip-out and the other cylinder is cutting to sheet. The cut-off length of the chip is continuously adjustable.

The Star Wheel delivery is outstanding especially by the processing of a difficult product, because it is not sensitive to additional applications as e.g. adhesives, glacine windows, etc.

The finished product can be delivered in piles counted up to the required number of sheets on an elevating table, or it can be delivered shingled on the band.


  • A completely self-contained unit of heavy-duty construction.
  • Web with or without sprockets.
  • The sheets may be trimmed on all edges.
  • Setting of the number of sheets in each stack on a finger touch panel.
  • Change in sizes by electronic regearing of the knife cylinder.

Running Adjustments

  • Circumferential register 360°.
  • Lateral register on length slitting +/- 5 mm.
  • Chip-out size.

Technical Description

  • Web width 520 mm.
  • Sheet size continuously adjustable from 6” to 17” or in mm.
  • Chip-out continuously variable from 1/4” to 1 1/2” for sheets from 8” up to 17”.
  • Max. speed 300 m/min.
  • In-line: Pre-printed web in a tight or loose loop.
  • Off-line: Pre-printed reels up to 50”.
  • Pile height max. 250 mm.
  • Special-size on request.

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Paper sheeter
paper Sheeter drawing
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Star Wheel delivery of tickets just as they are cut to size.

Sheeter star wheel delivery

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